Our Testimonials


They’ve sealed my driveway twice. Both times it came out great. The price was reasonable. It can take some time to get on the schedule so make an appointment early in the season. They did it while I was not home and left a bill in the mail. Would recommend.

John P.


I can only speak for my own experience, but Jim’s Driveway did an excellent job on the driveway at my house. I live on a hill and my driveway has a slight incline so that water flows both down the street past my house as well as down my driveway. Over the years, the force of the water and regular Town plowing has eroded the end of my driveway to the point that I had a drop of almost a foot, which was a real problem. I contacted Jim’s online, they came out and inspected the driveway, left me a reasonable estimate and all I had to do was schedule the appointment. They showed up on time, dug out the area about 4 feet back, filled it (I presume), leveled it, paved it over, and left an absolutely smooth, level join between my driveway and the main road. We were thrilled. They did what they said they’d do when they said they’d do it. No mess, no problems, reasonable price. Couldn’t have been any easier. My neighbors came over, inspected for themselves, and both then called Jim’s for estimates, already doing the work for one. We are more than satisfied and will be using them to seal the driveway later this month. I will post again if my experience is any different after the sealing.

Abby I.


I want to thank Jim’s men for doing a fabulous job I’ll be calling him again to pave my driveway next year it took some time but worth the wait

Michael M.


Had a very good experience. I called Jim’s on 8/11/16, and they called me back on the 8/12/16 to schedule my driveway seal on 8/16/16. They rescheduled me to 8/17/16 due to rain forecast. They completed the job, and they billed me later. Nice neat job and good product. I will use them again.

Urban P.