Frequently Asked Questions


For your convenience, some of the most frequently asked questions about:

Do you have local references?

Yes, upon request we can provide local references.

What is the difference between rip up and overlay/cap?

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Why can we just overlay/cap our driveway?

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When ripping up our existing driveway is the removal of the rubbish included?

Yes, our prices include the removed and discarding of the existing driveway materials.

How late in the year do you pave driveways?

We pave driveways late into November and December however, our calendar does book up fast so if you are looking to have your driveway completed this season please contact our office as soon as possible so you can be included in the schedule.

What is the best time of year to pave?

Spring or fall when the temperatures are cooler is best. However, it is ok to pave in the summer as well.

What is the paving process?

The paving process generally consists of 2 appointments. Depending on the size of your driveway, the appointments are usually half day each. The first appointment is when the men come and rip up and prepare the base material of the driveway. Then the driveway will remain open with the base material exposed for a period of 2 to 3 weeks. This is the compaction/drying out period for the base material. During this period we encourage normal usage of the driveway. Please get deliveries and drive on it as you would every day. This actually helps the compaction of the base material. After this compaction period is over we will come back and pave the driveway. We will freshen up the item-4 prior to paving to eliminate any ruts that may have occurred first then pave. This should take another half day to complete. Once the paving is done you will need to remain off the newly paved surface for a period of 5 to 7 days with all vehicles. We encourage homeowners if they are in the need of an oil delivery or anything else that will require a heavy vehicle that this occurs prior to paving, especially in the fall.

How long must we stay off the driveway after paving has occurred?

See above question, What is the paving process?

What are the do’s and don’ts for after paving?

Once the paving is complete, the men will leave a booklet with the homeowner explaining the do’s and don’ts of a newly paved driveway. If this is not received please contact the office and one can be sent to you.

How is the base prepared when ripping up?

Typically we prepare the base of a ripped up driveway with up to 4″ of recycled item-4. We utilize your existing item-4, if suitable, and add more to build up to the 4″ thickness.

What if we prepare the base ourselves?

We can pave over your existing prepared surface of item – 4 however we will not guarantee/warranty if any problems occur with cracking etc. in the coming months.

Do you use an asphalt paving machine or rake by hand?

We use a paving machine. Please Go to here

How heavy is the roller you use?

We use a 5 ton vibratory roller. Please Go to here