Commercial Sealcoating

Commercial Sealcoating

Asphalt pavements are a critical part to your properties curb appeal and value. Periodic sealcoating is the key to a well designed parking lot management plan. Properly applied coal tar emulsion sealers will nearly double the life of your pavement. Coal tar sealers will resist gas and oil spills, oxidation from the sun and water penetration; the number one cause of premature pavement wear.

Benefits of Sealcoating

The rich black look of a freshly sealcoated pavement will project a positive image to your clients and residents. Ensure your property makes a positive first impression and increase your curb appeal and property value.

Resists gas and oil
Asphalt, a byproduct of the petroleum distillation process, is easily dissolved by other products that also are derived from petroleum, such as gasoline, grease and oil. When these products are put in contact with each other they will easily dissolve the similar chemicals in asphalt. Sealcoating will create a protective barrier between gas and oil spills and your valuable pavement.

Prevents water penetration and slows oxidation
Asphalt is a porous material and water is one of asphalts’ greatest enemies. When water penetrates the asphalt and freezes, small cracks will begin to develop. Cracking will allow water to penetrate to the base layers causing alligatored cracking and ultimately pot holes. Sealcoating will fill the voids in the surface of the asphalt, preventing water penetration. Oxidation is another major cause of pavement failure. The sun will dry out the asphalt which holds together the pavement. Pavement will then begin to fade to a pale gray color and crumble. Sealcoating will protect your pavement from the sun and prevent oxidation.